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Environmental challenges in Zambia. Conwell Hakapaya of CESCo 

The Citizens Environmental and Social Concern (CESCo) says development without regard to sound environmental management has the potential to lead to environmental challenges.
CESCo executive director Conwell Hakapya said in an interview yesterday that ZEMA is an integral component in the development process hence needs to have a presence in every province.
We need a strong and visible ZEMA in all provincial centres to curb environmental challenges like the infamous fishing with poisons, Chitemene system and the uncontrolled and unregulated massive cutting of trees for charcoal production, he said.
Mr Hakapya observed that concerted efforts to address environmental challenges will ensure that the country stands a high chance of achieving the Vision 2030 and also meeting the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as eight out of the 17 SDGs directly deal with matters relating to the environment.

Citizens Environmental and Social Concern- CESCo
28 December 2020 at 01:29 ·
They say Christmas is the time to share and indeed it was a blessing to share and fun with these beautiful children from “Reaching the Unreached Areas” a home for kids whose parents are in prison and some orphans.
Thank you for helping us to put a smile on the children’s face and giving them a Christmas to remember.
CESCo, Cherise Park and Joyce and Friends Foundation would like to give a special thank you for the donations to:
Vyansi Namposya Moyo – For that beautiful cake the kids loved it
Pamela Chisanga
Eddie Sinyangwe
Michelo Haak Promotions 
Kelvin Tronton Mtambo
Brenda Makweja
Annastasia Shandele
Musinga Banda
Elvis Malambo
Muyunda Akufuna
Br. Bob Mfula
Nambeye Mwamba
Aubrey Sinyangwe
Agness Phiri
Namakau Muyumbana
Mrs Namwiinga Mumbi
Alick mwansa Makasa
Phil Calice Mtambo(mutale)
Peter Matete
Haswell Mutambo
Able-Mizu Siampale